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Commercial Photography

To capture Colorado's wild beauty and adventure, the editors of Outside Magazine chose Tom's photos for three recent issues, May, August and September 2008. One of the world's premier magazines for the outdoor lifestyle (with a circulation of 35 million), Outside published shots of kayaking in the Black Canyon and the Animas River and extreme skiing in Crested Butte's infamous Third Bowl. The ski photograph was chosen to convey the adventurous spirit of Crested Butte, which made Outside's "top ten" list of best places to live. Such shots, combining action with dramatic natural beauty, are another of Tom's specialties, tapping his skill as both phtoographer and outdoorsman.
"You have to have the technical skills to pull the shot off, but first you have to see it."
-- Tom Stillo

Is the stock photography market slowing down? Not for Tom's stock, it continues to be in high demand! New published work in 2008: Newsweek, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Forbes' Mountain Life, Men's Journal and the on network television show Good Morning America, to name a few.
Born in Chico, California, and raised in the Sacramento Valley, Tom Stillo fed his interest in photography from an early age. But photography remained a hobby while he pursued two other careers: teaching high school English, then designing and constructing homes. Photography recaptured his fascination after he moved to Colorado in the late ’70s, and by 1987 he was photographing professionally. Tom’s initial work, shooting commercial photos for brochures, catalogs and publications, quickly expanded.
Tom makes photography look easy. He can bring together a quality of light, pallet of colors, imaginative composition and natural human expressions, all in one frame. "To me, light is everything," Tom said. "People don’t just pay me for knowing how to take a picture; they pay me for what I see."

Tom’s commercial client base
(see Credentials for a sample list) has expanded rapidly partly because he is so versatile. His artistic vision is balanced by his rapport with people, so he can photograph moody landscapes one day and studio fashion shots the next.
Today, from his home base in Crested Butte, Colorado, Tom photographs for marketing collateral, stock agencies, advertising clients, editorial publications and private clients. His wife, Jenny oversees the marketing and organizational end of his business, and also works with couples and families to orchestrate their wedding photography.

Tom and Jenny have two children, Justin and Asya, who sometimes help with their dad’s photo shoots.
"Tom is such a strong photographer, he can do it all," Jenny said, "But his specialty is working with people. He’s so personable that he works well with couples, families and children. Besides his talent, it’s his personality and service that sets him apart."
Ask Jenny to make a customize photo submission specifically for your needs.
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